Dungeons & Dragons

We now run two Dungeons and Dragons group for teenagers and adults. 

We realised that some young people/adults aren't as interested in gardening, but by hosting D&D sessions, we are giving the opportunity to meet new people, build social skills with peers, use imagination and reduce screen time, which in itself can be quite isolating.

Our players learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons at a pace that suits them, so that eventually they will have the experience and confidence to join any group to play a game. 

Our sessions also include learning how to paint minifigures and playing board games. 

Benefits of D&D include, role playing, increased self-esteem and self-confidence, ability to express yourself and your needs assertively, improved impulse control and practice with turn-taking, stronger creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Painting can also help to improve fine motor skills, imagination and attention span.

With thanks to 

The Shop on the Borderlands, who have donated some D&D goodies and discounted figures