Children's Area

We have a new area of the allotment site that is specifically aimed at children with additional needs. 

We have local school groups and homeschoolers attend our wide range of activities

Children take part in activities that help to increase confidence, explore sensory play, learn about the environment and take part in creative outside games. From learning about the environment to growing from seed to plate, activities are varied each week to coincide with the different seasons and utilise different skills eg: hand eye coordination, imaginative play etc

All the activities take place in the children's section of the allotment, where each area is based on a book/character. 

For example, growing and harvesting herbs takes part in the sensory area in Narnia, completing tasks in their Big Life Journals in the Alice in Wonderland area and learning about recycling in the Wombles Area.

Activities include projects such as sowing faster growing plants (such as microgreens and radishes) so that harvesting is a quicker result. 

Colour Wheel

Mud Kitchen


Fairy Gardens

Making Hedgehogs

Journey Bookmark

Feeding Chickens

Releasing Butterflies

Making Clay Pots